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Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) Membership Application

1. Application Fees

We, the BAF Membership Committee, believe (and experience demonstrates) that persons willing to pay fees to apply for membership to an organization are serious about belonging to the organization. Not only that, such members are prepared to participate and work hard to achieve the organization’s goals. They also feel morally obligated and empowered to focus and, when called for, refocus the organization itself on its stated goal.

We have picked 20.00 in any Western Currency denomination such as US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pounds; and 2000.00 in Naira. This is the lowest amount for which the technicalities involved in remitting and accounting for the money does not cost more than the original remittance itself.  In short, we have picked the lowest most practicable amount.   For that matter, any member moved to pay more because of these considerations is quite welcome to do so. BAF Application Fee is non-refundable.

Your application for BAF membership will not be processed without the receipt of the application Fee and or the proof of payment.


A) Where to send money:

From Europe, send the fees in Euros to IROKO (Iroko Cultural Support Association) account. Use this link for more information and to process your payment:

From the US (or if you want to pay in Dollars), send the fees to Mazi Ngozi Anyamele (708) 798-9079 (USA)

From anywhere else in the Diaspora: if sending in Euro’s, send through IROKO; if sending in Dollars, send to Mazi Ngozi Anyamele in the US

From Homeland: Homeland IROKO is still being set up. We will let you know as soon as it is up and running. In the meantime, use any of the above methods.

B) How to send money:

From Europe, use direct Bank Transfer from your bank to IROKO.

Persons in EU countries without a bank account can use any other method available to them to send their money and request for their receipt. (For example, Western Union (, MoneyGram (

From the US or elsewhere in Diaspora sending Dollars, use MoneyGram

( to send your fee to Mazi Ngozi Anyamele.

C) Whom to contact for questions or problems:

In Europe, contact Dr. Madu on Cell Phone: +34699478550 (as stated in IROKO website:  

In USA, contact Mazi Ngozi Anyamele, phone (708) 798-9079 (USA)

From the Diaspora: contact any of the above.

From Homeland: same as the above

D) Obtain and USE your receipt:

If using a bank, the bank will issue a receipt to you.

Scan your receipt (or get a legible cell phone picture of it) and send to us by email at: (note the underscore if using this manually: "BAF_Membership_Committee")

The same applies to any other circumstances: obtain your receipt and send us a .jpg copy / image of it.

(Please note that the name on the receipt MUST match the name on the Application; otherwise, write in a legible handwriting on a clear corner of the receipt the name of the Applicant, BEFORE sending us the copy.)

E) We will acknowledge the receipt of the copy of your receipt using your email address. 


IROKO (Iroko Cultural Support Association) account (for payment):

BAF Membership Committee (responsible for membership application decisions; place to send copy of your receipt):


In Europe, contact Dr. Madu on Cell Phone: +34699478550 (also on IROKO website:

In the US: Mazi Ngozi Anyamele (708) 798-9079


From anywhere else: same as above.

2. Other Requirements:

A. This form must be completed electronically, either:

i) directly on the Internet through the BAF website, follow the Membership link; or

ii) by obtaining an electronic copy (document file) of the Application Form via Email (request it from; 

entering the data electronically, and then, sending the completed file as a document file (NOT IMAGE file) electronically, back via Email to

Of these methods, we prefer the direct Internet filing on this website.

B. A valid and functional Email address is therefore a must.

C. Reliable and dependable Web Access.


The decision to approve or deny the application is the responsibility of the BAF Membership Committee who will notify the applicants. Successful applicants will receive a Welcome to the Forum message as soon as they are approved.

Posted by the BAF Membership Committee

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