101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (2024)

1. Stronghold of Security: Count Check Teleport

As a brand new player to Old School Runescape, one of the first things you want to do is go to the Stronghold of Security. Well, right after you get off Tutorial Island, if you walk over to the Lumbridge Graveyard, speak to Count Check and ask him where you can learn more. He will teleport you one time only straight to the entry of the Stronghold.

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2. Stronghold of Security: Spam Click the Doors

My next tip is within the Stronghold of Security. If you are not interested in reading what the doors have to say, then you can spam click on the door and it will let you straight through without having to answer the question. If you are new, the Stronghold will provide some useful account information. But, if you know what you are doing, just spam click the doors.

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3. Lizardman Shamans

On a Lizardman Slayer Task, a lot of players choose to kill Shamans.

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The fastest way to get to the Slayer cave of Lizardman Shamans is by teleporting the raids using the Xeric’s Honour teleport, travel with the mountain guide, run west, and then via north west, and the Cave here is Slayer only. So, you must be on a Slayer task to kill these Shamans.

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4. Clan Wars White Portal Replenish

The House Restoration Pools are extremely useful for PKing, Bossing and Skilling alike.

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Well, if you do not have one, a great way to replenish your player is by going to the Clan Wars White Portal. By going in and out, your health, prayer points and stats are fully refilled, and your skull is also removed.

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5. Disconnections during Raids

If you get disconnected during a Raid at the Chambers of Xeric, as long as there is another ranked member in the Clan Chat online, you can log back into the same World and join back into the raid.

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6. Spirit Tree Count

Planting a Spirit Tree inside your Player Owned House does not count towards your total Farming count of Spirit Trees.

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When planting Spirit Seeds elsewhere, you are restricted to how many you can plant until level 99.

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7. Stripy Feathers for Rainbow Fish

Number 7, more of an interesting fact, but also quite a fast fishing method… If you have 38 Fishing, you can bring Stripy Feathers along with a Fly Fishing Rod to any fly fishing spot, and instead of catching Trout or Salmon, you will always catch a Rainbow Fish.

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As of right now, it is very profitable to do this, and you get 80 XP per fish.

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8. Fully Charging your Jewellery

If you find that your bank is getting cluttered with a lot of partly charged jewellery, you can go ahead and withdraw them all in noted form.

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Head over to the Runes guy at the Grand Exchange, and his right click ‘decant’ option will turn most jewellery into its maxed form while destroying its smaller leftovers.

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9. Wines

When training your Ranged or Magic, wines are a great cheap food option, costing around 3 coins each, and healing 11 Hitpoints per jug. The cost though, is that they lower your Attack level temporarily. So, you cannot use these when you are training Melee Combat.

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10. Obsidian Armour

Obsidian Armour has 0 Magic Attack bonus, which is very contrary to the massive negative bonuses of Plate Armour.

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This makes Obsidian great for Hybrid or Tribrid PKing and Bossing situations.

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11. Ava’s Devices Commune Toggle

When wearing any of the Ava’s Devices, you may notice that it randomly picks up Steel items or random other stuff while you are wearing it. You can actually toggle this option on and off by right clicking and clicking on the ‘commune’ option.

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12. Quick Prayers for Prayer Flicking

Quick Prayers allow you to Prayer Flick more than one prayer at a time.

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Let’s say that you only have 40 Prayer, and you do not have Piety. So, instead, you can activate an attack, strength and defence prayer as your quick prayer, and then you can prayer flick by clicking on and off your Prayer Orb very easily.

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13. Untradeables kept on Death

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On death to a monster outside of the Wilderness, you will keep all of your untradeables on Death, and it does not count towards the 3 main items that you will keep. Well, you can actually use a Volcanic or Frozen Whip mix on an Abyssal Whip to turn into an untradeable. That adds it to your items kept on Death without adding to the 3 main items.

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14. JAD Tasks

If you get assigned a JAD Task, and you do not feel up for the challenge, you can go in and out of the Fight Caves without completing any waves to instantly skip your task. This uses no Slayer Points and will not reset your task count.

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15. Range Ammo Settings

By talking to the Range Tutor in Lumbridge, you can set it so that picking up arrows that you are currently wearing will go straight into your ammo slot. This is extremely handy for low levels and mainly 1 Prayer Pures that do not have Ava’s Devices.

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16. AFK Fishing Tip

This next tip is for people that like AFK Fishing. If you start fishing at a fishing spot and then right click on it, you can then click on the fishing option there if the spot moves, and your character will automatically run to the new spot. That saves you having to moves your camera around to look for the next spot.

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17. Player Owned House Doors

Over the years, there have been a lot of changes to Player Owned Houses in Old School Runescape. One of the more unnoticed changes is setting your house doors to off. That way, when you go into your house, you do not have to open doors and there are no doors in the way, making your pathing distance smaller.

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18. Ava’s Accumulator in Castle Wars

In Castle Wars, you are not allowed to take in a Cape or Helmet. By using the Ava’s Accumulator on Lanthus, he allows you automatically retrieve your ammunition when you shoot it, even when you are not wearing an Ava’s Accumulator within a Castle Wars match.

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19. Runes in Exchange for Bank Access

When training Runecrafting at the Ourania Altar, when you go to bank with the guy at the entrance, you can talk to him to set up a default Rune that is instantly taken from you in exchange for accessing your bank account.

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That is a little bit quicker.

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20. The Demon Butler

Now, a tip for saving money while training Construction… The Demon Butler requests payment from you every 8 trips. So, with that, you can spend less money on retrieving planks if you get the maximum possible amount per trip.

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21. Costume Room in your Player Owned House

If you have a lot of Holiday items and enjoy doing the Holiday events, I really recommend creating a Costume Room in your Player Owned House. It is a cool way to keep track of what you have, and it save a lot of bank space.

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22. AFK Slayer Tasks with Imbueables

If you have not Imbued any Rings or other Imbueables and you get Black Demons, Trolls or Hellhounds as a Slayer Task, you can complete them within the Nightmare Zone while AFKing.

23. Create Tiaras at Level 1 Runecrafting

At level 1 Runecrafting, even before completing Rune Mysteries, you can create Tiaras at any Runecrafting Altar, even if you do not have the level.

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24. Player Owned House Upgrade Materials List (in game)

If you are standing at the Grand Exchange, and cannot remember what Construction materials you need to build the next upgrade in your Player Owned House, you can click on the Construction Skill icon, and then click on what you want to build, and it will tell you the required materials without having to Google anything.

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25. Magic Defence of Non-Player Characters

In Runescape, the Magic Defence of a non-player character is entirely based on their Magic level.

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So, that means that if a monster has level 1 Magic and under 1 Magic Defence bonus, then it means that you can have a negative Magic Attack bonus and still be as accurate as if you were wearing Magic gear.

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26. Magic Defence for Players

For players, on the other hand, 70% of their Magic Defence is their Magic level, and 30% is their Defence. So, with that, using Magic boosting Prayers will also increase your magic Defence as well as you Magic Attack, making it very useful in conjunction with Protect from Magic.

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27. Skill Guild Boosts

The Woodcutting Guild, the Fishing Guild and the Mining Guild give an invisible +7 skill boost in their specific skills anywhere within the area of the Guild. This makes training these three skills faster in their appropriate Guild.

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28. Changing your Player Name

When changing your Runescape Player name, I suggest doing it on the Runescape.com website rather than doing it in game.

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Changing your name on the website locks your previous name, and no one else can take it. But, changing your name in game voids this, and anyone can take your old name.

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29. Tip for Bossing

An excellent tip for Bossing is bringing a Rune Pouch with Lava Runes, Nature Runes and Water Runes. This allows you to cast high level Alchemy and the Bones to Peaches Spell in one inventory slot.

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30. Mushroom Pies

With Fossil Island came Mushroom Pies, which are an affordable and easy way to boost your Crafting level by 4 levels. You can boost by more with Spicy Stews. But, a +4 boost is massive and they are very easy to get on an Ironman.

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31. Pay the Gardener on Tree Runs

When doing a Fruit Tree or Regular Tree run, instead of cutting down the Tree and digging it up, you can pay the gardener 200 coins to instantly remove it.

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32. Tip for Eating While Bossing

While you are Bossing, and need to eat, it is a good idea to walk under the Boss so that it cannot deal any damage while you cannot attack back. This works great for so many Bosses like Bandos, Callisto, the King Black Dragon, etc. But, do not do this at the Corporeal Beast because you will get stomped.

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33. Defensive Attack Style Boost

A hidden bonus that comes from switching your Attack Style to Defensive is that it invisibly boosts your Defence level by 3. So, this means that if you are trying to get away from PKers or need a little bit more Defence, you can switch to Defensive for that passive Defence level.

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34. Amulet of Glory for Gems

While mining any type of ore, if you wear an Amulet of Glory, there is a 1 in 86 chance of getting a Gem out of the rock. Normally, without a Glory, it is 1 in 256.

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35. Tip for New PKers

If you are new to PKing, a very handy tip for switches is to keep them at the top of your inventory while having the food at the bottom. This keeps it organised, and will not rearrange your gear when your change it.

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36. Onyx Bolts (e) for Passive Healing

If you are really struggling to get up to JAD or complete the Inferno,

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Onyx Bolts (e) provide an 11% chance of healing 25% of what you hit. So, that is a bit of a passive healing effect. But, they are very expensive.

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37. Saradomin Godsword Special Attack

When fighting Turoths or Kurasks, you cannot deal damage without using Lead Bladed Weaponry. Well, a Saradomin Godsword special attack on them will not actually hit anything. But, you will still be healed for what you would have hit, as well as a regeneration of your Prayer Points.

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38. Charging Dragonfire Shields or Dragonfire Wards

The fastest way to charge a Dragonfire Shield or Dragonfire Ward is by going to the Catacombs of Kourend to the Bronze or Iron Dragons. This is a multi-combat area, and there can be up to 5 Dragons on you at once.

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39. Staying at 1 Hitpoints at the Nightmare Zone

To stay at 1 Hitpoints at the Nightmare Zone, you can flick the Rapid Heal Prayer just before every minute is up, and you will not go above 1 Hitpoints.

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40. God Book for Wilderness Off-hand Item

Number 40, if you are going PKing, Bossing, or Slaying in the Wilderness, a great off-hand item to take is the God Book since you can reclaim them for free or for a small fee from Perdu.

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41. PK Drops for Higher Damage

Sometimes, when you are PKing, you will hear someone getting damaged while you are at the bank. That means that someone is dealing damage to a player that you have done more damage to. Hence, you will get the drop if they die. So, if you hear a noise, look at your chat box in case they do die so you can find your loot.

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42. The Staff of Light for God Sword items in God Wars Dungeon

The Staff of Light, which did not actually exist in 2007, and came in in 2009, functions as 2 God items in the God Wars Dungeon. It works as a Saradomin item and a Zamorak item.

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43. When to Protect your Tree Patch

Whenever you are paying for protection of a Tree Patch, if the protection cost is less than one 8th of the Seed price, then it is worth protecting the plant since seeds have a 1 in 8 chance of dying.

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44. Tip for Dagannoth Task

If you have a low Defence level, and get assigned Dagannoth, it is a good idea to bring noted food and coins with you, since there is a General Store upstairs where you can un-note it.

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45. Number 4 Key Bank All

Whenever you are training a gathering skill like Woodcutting, where you would be banking items you have collected, a fast way to bank when there is a bank deposit box is by using them on the Deposit Box and hold down the number 4 key. It will bank them all instantly.

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46. Using a Cannon in Nieve’s Slayer cave

When using a Cannon in a single combat area, it will attack all of the monsters as if it is multi combat if you are in a safe spot. This works great in Nieve’s Slayer Cave when using Ranged.

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47. Void Knight Rogue Bottoms vs. Black D’Hide Chaps

Void Knight Rogue Bottoms give a better Magic Defence bonus than Black D’Hide Chaps,

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making it better to wear than chaps for tasks like Bloodvelds r for killing Skotizo.

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48. Weight during Agility Training

When training Agility, your weight does not affect how often you fall, even if you weigh 100 kilos. Your Agility level is all that matters.

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49. Paying for Boss Instance Directly From Bank

When entering an instance Boss area where you have to pay for it, you can save an inventory space by not bringing any money with you. You can pay for an instance directly from the bank.

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50. Dragon Warhammer and Bandos Godsword for Bossing

Throughout certain Boss fights in Old School Runescape, the Dragon Warhammer and BGS (Bandos Godsword) become great buyable spec weapons. In cases where your team has both, always allow the Dragon Warhammers to go first because they lower by a percentage rather than a value.

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51. Magic Tutor Toggle

The Magic Tutor in Lumbridge has a similar toggle to the Ranged one. But, this time, you can pick up Runes off the ground and they will go straight into your Rune Pouch.

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52. Break rate of Arrows

Every type of metal arrow in Runescape has a 20% chance of breaking, even when wearing the Ava’s Accumulator. While it might seem false, Bronze Arrows and Dragon Arrows break at exactly the same rate.

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53. Charged Dragonstone Jewellery Scroll

If you have some fully uncharged Dragonstone Jewellery in your bank, you can buy a Charged Dragonstone Jewellery Scroll off the Grand Exchange for under 500 coins, and it will charge all of the jewellery in your inventory with just one scroll. This scroll works only on the Glory, Skills Necklace and the Combat Bracelet. But, for some reason, it does not work on the Ring of Wealth.

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54. Agility Levels for Run Regeneration

Getting from level 1 – 30 Agility increases your Run Regeneration rate by around 30%.

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But, in contrast, getting from 70 – 99 Agility will only increase it by about 15%. So, those starter Agility levels are very important for Run Regeneration.

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55. Wintertodt Damage System

The Wintertodt damages you differently based on how much energy it has remaining. After 50%, the number of times you will get damaged decreases a lot. Then, after 20%, it is around once a minute and sometimes, even longer.

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56. Fishing Trawler teleport for Banking

The Fishing Trawler Minigame Teleport is a really useful teleport if you do not have a quick way to the bank. It only requires 15 Fishing to use it, and teleports you right next to the Bank Chest.

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57. Buy a Bolt Pouch from Hirko

If you make your way to the eastern side of Keldagrim and trade with Hirko, you can buy a Bolt Pouch for 1500.

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These pouches hold 4 types of bolts, and makes it a great way to save space if you are using different types for things like the Fight Caves, Inferno or PKing.

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58. Whip Staking Odds

Always check your opponent’s inventory thoroughly. If you are Whip Staking, anyone with a Hasta, Dragon Warhammer, or a Ghrazi Rapier will have an advantage. So, watch out for those.

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59. Extended Anti-Fire for Wilderness Trips

Number 59, if you are going into the Wilderness, it is a good idea to bring or sip an Extended Anti-Fire in case there are PKers around with the Dragon Bolt (e) special attack.

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60. Bank Tab for Items to be sold

It is a good idea to keep a Tab in your Bank of items you want to sell. You save a lot of time by selling a lot of items at once. So, you do not have to keep making your way to the Grand Exchange.

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61. Fixing Follow Paths for Players

At the Ourania Altar, you may notice that when following another player, you can get stuck behind rocks. By using an item on another player or trading with them, your pathing will be different, and you will follow the exact same path as them.

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62. Scrying Pools

Scrying Pools are unlocked at 80 Construction, and they allow you to see what is at the location of your teleport. This is specifically useful for the Annakarl Teleport. You can check if there are any PKers there.

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63. Non-crowded Gargoyles

There is a downstairs Slayer area in the Morytania Slayer Tower. Down here, there are Gargoyles that are far less crowded than the ones upstairs.

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64. Prayer Potions for King Black Dragon

At the King Black Dragon, even when using Ranged, your trips will last a lot longer if you bring a couple of Prayer Potions and stand next to him with Protect from Melee. This is because some of his attacks will get replaced by Melee attacks, which will always be a 0.

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65. Cooking XP per hour Tip

To get slightly faster Cooking XP per hour, you can use the final fish in your inventory on the fire right after your second last one to cook it straight away on the next game tick.

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66. Farming Patches Status

A lot of Old School Runescape Clients show the status of current Farming Patches. Well, a more accurate way is to use the Geomancy Spell available on the Lunar Spellbook. It has a really nice layout, and shows everything you need to know.

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67. Profit Tip for Ironmen

This tip is very useful and important for Ironmen. Selling items to Specialised Stores rather than a General Store will give you a lot more money. For example, with Mithril Platelegs, the General Store gives me around 1000. Selling to the Plateleg Store, I get more than the Alchemy value.

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68. One Click Teleports

Instead of bringing Teleport Tablets as a one click Teleport, you can bring a Rune Pouch with 3 different types of Runes for a one click teleport in your Spellbook, while it still only uses one inventory slot.

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69. Super Anti-Fire Potion and Protect form Magic Paring

Pairing Super Anti-Fire Potions with Protect from Magic gives you full Protection from Anti-Fire, even without an Anti-Dragon Shield. You will still take quite a lot of damage with just an Anti-Fire Potion.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (84)

70. Swamp Crabs for Low Level Training

Swamp Crabs reside south of Port Phasmatys, and they are similar to Rock Crabs in that they are great for training at a low level. But, these guys have a negative Ranged Defence bonus. This makes them one of the best places to train at a really low Range level.

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71. Tears of Guthix Brightness Level

This next one is not really vital. But, when you teleport to Tears of Guthix, if you find that it is too dark for your screen, you can teleport there again, and you will be exposed to the full brightness.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (86)

72. Bones to Peaches

Bones to Peaches are not only useful for Bossing. You can take the Tablets along to Slayer Tasks like Hellhounds, and stay there forever.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (87)

73. Clue Scrolls on Entrana

Opening Clue Scrolls on Entrana re-rolls items that are weapons or armour. So, that gives a better chance for God Pages on Easy Clues. But, do not do this for Medium Clues and above.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (88)

74. Defensive Magic Auto-Casting

When auto-casting Magic, and you select the Defensive option, you actually get more overall XP. Regularly for each damage point with Magic, you get 2 Magic XP, and 1.33 Hitpoints XP. But, with Defensive on, you get 1.33 in Magic, and Hitpoints and 1 in Defence.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (89)

75. Salamanders Bonuses

If you have recently been cleaned in Old School Runescape, and need a cheap training weapon to start killing stuff for money, Salamanders provide good Attack and Strength bonuses with very cheap ammunition.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (90)

76. Dinh’s Bulwark in the Wilderness

Be very wary using the Dinh’s Bulwark in the Wilderness. The special attack deals damage in a group, and you will get skulled if you use the special attack on someone that attacks you and it hits someone else.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (91)

77. Fastest Way to get Salve Shards

The fastest way to get Salve Shards to make Salve Amulets is to go behind the Haunted Mine to the second Mine Cart entry,

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (92)

and then run all the way east to the other side, enter the door on the south, and this takes you right next to them.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (93)

78. Default Frame Rate to save Battery Life on Mobile

On Old School Mobile, the best thing to do the save battery is to lower your frame rate. To do that, go the Settings, then the Joystick in the top right, then the Mobile Phone, and you can change it to an unfixed frame rate, which is the default – 30, 20 and 15 frames per second.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (94)

79. Burying Bones in the Catacombs of Kourend

Burying Bones in the Catacombs of Kourend restores Prayer Points. Bones restore 1, Big Bones restore 2, and Dragon Bones restore 4.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (95)

80. Player Owned House Loading Times

The loading time of your Player Owned House is actually longer if you have more rooms and levels. So, the best thing to do if you go into your house a lot is to try and have a maximum of 9 rooms – 3 x 3 layout.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (96)

81. Selling your Barrows Gear

Do not break your Barrows Gear when you are selling it. Instead, you can take it to your Player Owned House or Bob, and pay a smaller amount to repair it than what you would lose from breaking it.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (97)

82. Skipping Dragon Tasks

With the requirement of starting Dragon Slayer to use Anti-Dragon Shield and Potions, you can now avoid any Dragon Slayer Task by not starting the quest. This can help you skip those really long Iron and Steel Dragon Tasks.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (98)

83. Using Antidotes at a Bank

If you are currently at a bank, and are poisoned or venomed, you can withdraw an antidote and click your health icon to drink it while in the bank. That avoids the last damage before exiting the bank.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (99)

84. Using the Egg Launcher in Barbarian Assault

The Egg Launcher in Barbarian Assault does not lower the amount of points you team gets overall. The only thing that lowers your overall team points is if you do a wrong action or command.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (100)

85. Dragon Pickaxe, Axe and Harpoon Special Attack Every 5 Minutes

With level 60 Attack, you can use the Dragon Pickaxe, Axe or Harpoon special attack to get a temporary +3 boost in their skill every 5 minutes.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (101)

You can do this at any skill level, and it takes 5 minutes to get your full special attack bar back.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (102)

86. Preserve Prayer Scroll

The Preserved Prayer Scroll is at its Alchemy at under 50 000. So, that is cool to unlock for any account now. Reading it will unlock the Preserve Prayer, which lowers the rate at which your stats drain when they are boosted.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (103)

87. Non-Crowded Barbarian Fishing Spot

Near the Chambers of Xeric or Raids 1, there is a Barbarian fishing spot which is far less crowded and a different environment to the Waterfall area.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (104)

88. Clue Scroll Box in the Wilderness

Number 88, when doing a Clue Scroll in the Wilderness where you need to bring extra items with you, a Clue Box is very useful. Dying with a Clue in your inventory with the Clue Box will destroy the Clue Box, but keep the Clue Scroll no matter what.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (105)

89. Tip for Replacing Furniture

When you are training Construction, and you are going to remove a piece of furniture, it is best to speak to your Butler the tick after that, since you can keep the one key held down for both of the options.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (106)

90. Diary from Shades of Morton Quest for Herblore XP

During the Shades of Morton Quest, you get a diary from searching the damaged shelf. If you take this to the Apothecary in Varrock, he will give you 335 Herblore XP. Pretty neat for Ironmen.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (107)

91. PKing with Sounds on

PKing with sounds on is very important. An example is fighting someone using Dragon Bolts (e). You can hear the Dragonfire Special Attack happening before the damage hits you, which allows you to eat early.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (108)

92. The Soul Bearer for Ensouled Heads

The Soul Bearer, which is gotten from the Bear your Soul Mini-quest, is an excellent item to bring to Slayer Tasks. It is charged with Soul Runes, and with a Soul Rune, it automatically picks up an Ensouled Head and puts it in the bank.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (109)

93. Toy Cats for House Menagerie

If you do not have many pets and you want to populate your house Menagerie with animals, you can buy a bunch of Toy Cats and let them lose in there all day.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (110)

94. Sulphur Vent as Cooking Spot next to a Bank

The Sulphur Vent next to the Inferno is actually a cooking spot, making it one of the best non-moving spots right next to a bank.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (111)

95. Wilderness Weapons

When you die in the Wilderness with a Wilderness Weapon, even if you keep it on Death, all of the Ether will drop to the ground. This means that you should not overcharge it.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (112)

96. Castle Wars Minigame Free to Play

Castle Wars is now a Free to Play Minigame. To access it, you can use the Minigame Teleport in the Minigame list. Or, you can use the Teleport Portal from Clan Wars to go straight there.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (113)

97. Tip for Smithing in Varrock

When Smithing at the Varrock anvil, you can zoom out and keep your camera facing east to allow you to click the anvil and go back to the bank without having to move the camera.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (114)

98. 2 Factor Authentication for Email Address Linked to Account

Always ensure your email linked to your Runescape account is two-factor authenticated.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (115)

This ensures that you can get your account back in the case of a recovery or hack.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (116)

99. Five Minute Delay on Bank pin

After setting a Bank pin,

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (117)

you can speak to a Banker to set up a five minute delay on your current device before you need to re-enter your pin if you log out.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (118)

100. Tip for 3 Ticking with Herbs

Bringing a Herb Sack 3 Ticking is very helpful in case you accidentally make the Tar. Another alternative is bringing Grimy Herbs and different types of Herbs with you.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (119)

101. Leaf Bladed Battleaxe for Turoths and Kurasks

Tip 101… When on a Turoths or Kuraks Slayer Task, always use the Leaf Bladed Battleaxe. It gives an invisible 17.5% damage and accuracy boost against both of these monsters, making it far better than the sword.

101 OSRS Tips & Tricks (Theoatrix.net post) (2024)
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