4 Ways to Track IP Address from Whatsapp - Free PC Tech (2024)

Is someone using WhatsApp to bully, blackmail, court, or con you, and you wish to know their identity? There are some ways you can discover hidden WhatsApp messages and files. Sounds interesting? Find more in this article.

WhatsApp is a household name of around two billion people in the world. Since it is the most famous texting app, most people chat with you anonymously. For you to know such a person's identity, it is worthwhile to track their location and identity.

There are several techniques for tracking such people. Some you can pay for them while others are for free. External sites like IP logger and Grabify are essential for this task, but even WhatsApp provides its tracking techniques. Want to find out more about them? Here they are:

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For this method, you have to be persuasive, and convincing. Just pretend you're falling for that person’s trap and trick them into sharing their location through WhatsApp live location chat. The following are the steps in doing so.

Step 1: First, enable the location icon from your settings menu, which is simple. All you have to do is go to the settings menu and click on the advanced icon or open Apps & notification menu. Find the WhatsApp option and enable its location permission.

Step 2: Go to WhatsApp and open a live chat with your target. Start a sweet and convincing conversation with that person. You should sound friendly and open to the individual.

Step 3: Amid the chatting, open the clip attachment icon you see below. Identify the location icon and click it to allow the gadgets to identify your residence.

Step 4: Immediately, the system will bring you a map showing your residence. Identify whether your location on the map is correct and send it to them.

Don't just send them randomly because they can suspect you. Explain yourself in convincing words why you are doing so and why your targets should share their live chat as well.

Step 5: Choose the length of time that you want the live location to be seen.

Step 6: Wait for the person or targets to share their location too. In there, you will know their residence when their name appears on the map.

Step 7: You can opt-out of this process by clicking on the stop sharing icon. Then disable the location by turning it off through the settings on the WhatsApp app permission tab.

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Use Whatsapp IP Address Tracker

In the case your target does not share his or her location, you can use a tracking link to discover him or her. There are various tracking link options on the sites. But here, we can use sites like IP Logger, Grabify.

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Practically, using Grabify and IP Logger' is to create a URL link and encourage the victim to click on it. There you will identify their IP address. To be specific, let's exploit how you can use an IP logger to locate a WhatsApp user IP address.

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Step 1: Start a conversation with the person by talking about a specific topic. Let assume you are talking about cars. Therefore, chat about that topic.

Step 2: Switch to your browser and copy an URL regarding your topic of chatting. It might be a URL about a collection of cars.

Step 3: On another tab, open the Grabify IP Logger and paste the URL into the spacebar.

Step 4: Click on ‘Create URL' and load it.

Step 5: Select “I Agree & Create URL” In the window that pops up.

Step 6: Test whether a robot or not.

Step 7: Copy the IPLogger generated link on ‘TRACKING & LOGS'.

Step 8: Open WhatsApp and paste the link you had invited the person to click.

Step 9: Once the person sees your post. Go back to the ‘TRACKING & LOGS' and refresh the page. You can also open the URL for viewing the statistics you had recorded. By doing that, you will get detailed statistics of your target.

Use Command Prompt

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Perhaps you don't have your phone nearby. Why don't you consider the command prompt to track your target IP address? You only execute a coded text and get your results within seconds. Sounds impressive? Read on for the following steps!

Step 1: Use a computer and initiate a WhatsApp web on your PC. You can do that by downloading a WhatsApp icon found in the browser. For example, by using the opera browser, you find the WhatsApp menu on the toolbar on the left screen.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and chat with the person you wish to identify the IP address.

Step 3: Ensure you close other running programs for the command prompt not to bring their results instead.

Step 4: Open the run function by searching it on the search box. Or, you can assess it by pressing the ‘R' and window buttons simultaneously.

Step 5: Type the word ‘cmd' and click it to bring the command prompt.

Step 6: Use the ‘netstat-an' command and execute it.

Step 7: Sort through the various commands that show after the execution and identify the IP address of the person you are chatting with using WhatsApp.

Step 8: Open an IPlocation.net tab and paste the IP address you got from the command prompt. Here the IPlocation.net processes the IP address’s details of that person.

Step 9: Paste that IP in the spacebar and click the ‘IP Lookup’ icon. The system will automatically bring information like the IP location, ISP, proxy, type of phone and so much more.

Use WhatsApp Monitoring App

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Do you want to control what your child does on WhatsApp? Do you suspect your spouse is unfaithful? Fear not, there are numerous WhatsApp trackers and monitors that will reveal the secret WhatsApp messages of your kid, husband, wife, business partner, or other individuals. These monitors include KidsGuard, mspy, flexispy, spyrix, Xnpsy, and many others.

In this case, we would recommend Kidsgaurd, which is widely popular in discovering the kids’ schemes on WhatsApp. Kidsgaurd supports android gadgets and is simple to use. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily need a WhatsApp account when using KidsGuard. Thus, read the following instruction when using the KidsGuard.

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Step 1: Sign up

First, open a KidsGuard tab on your browser and access it. Secondly, tap the sign up or ‘Monitor now’ button to open an account. Here, you are supposed to fill in personal information, including your transaction details, residence address, names, phone numbers, and email address.

Step 2: Buy the App

Choose to pay for the package. The package involves premium offers like monthly, yearly, or specific timelines of a month. Bear in mind that these prices may vary.

Step 3: Download the App

After billing the package, the system will direct you to the ‘my products and orders management icon.' Check the order, the premium period, and the expiration date of the app. Besides that, you will find three options, which are set up guide, renew, or settings. Therefore, press the setup guide button that enhances all configurations needed in downloading the app.

After that, the system will direct you to open the page on target's android and download the application. You will need to swipe right the phone to download the software. This process will take a few minutes to complete.

Step 4: Install the program

Click the downloaded setup and install it on your gadget. Tap the installed app and log in to ensure that you entered the correct personal information.

Step 5: Log in to a dashboard

Check on the dashboard of the KidsGuard. The system uses the dashboard to show your target's phone activities and texts. When you navigate the dashboard, you will find your target's contact and history of calls and texts. You could go further to specific chats from WhatsApp and read them.

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KidsGuard helps you track your victim's location, record your target's call, or check their files. However, the main disadvantage with KidsGuard is that you don't use it with IOS. A site like XnSpy works well with IOS, which you should choose.

  • XnSpy

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Discover XnSpy, which works almost similar to KidsGurd. XnSpy commands excellent popularity for IOS users. Most IOS users enjoy XnSpy with a stealth mode and with a faster response.

Just like KidsGuard, this program is downloaded, installed, and set up within a short period. You will love this site's functions, which include IOS calls monitoring, a GPS tracker, Iweb browsing and multimedia history, and much more.

Why Monitoring Whatsapp?

Perhaps you have a zeal to monitor someone without their consent. Many people will tell you that they chose to monitor their boyfriend or girlfriend because they suspected they were cheating on them. These are just a sample of reasons why people use monitoring tools.

  • First, monitoring is parenting control. You can trace a child's WhatsApp messages and warn them against hooking up with the wrong company.
  • Police and detectives can investigate a crime by tracking a culprit's WhatsApp messages.
  • If you want to know whether there are bullies, scammers, and sexual offenders molesting your child, use WhatsApp monitoring techniques.
  • You can track your employee's contacts with blackmailers, competitors, fraudsters, and other scammers. If there is a mole in your team, WhatsApp motoring tools give you a chance to identify them.

FAQs About IP Address on WhatsApp

1. Is tracking WhatsApp illegal?

It depends on your purpose. Suppose you use free tools to track IP addresses. There is no specific law against this. But, It would be illegal for a DDoS attack.

2. Does WhatsApp reveal your IP address?

Even if WhatsApp knows your IP address, they won't disclose it. And others can't intercept your IP address without tools.

3. How to track location in WhatsApp in real-time?

Use Whatsapp’s live sharing location where it generates a map that will show the residence of other people who share their location.

4. How to track the location of an unknown sender on WhatsApp?

Trick them into chatting with you and execute the ‘netstat-an' command in the command prompt. There, you will obtain their IP address.


All said and done; it is about time you start using WhatsApp tracking and monitoring tools. Using monitoring apps like KidsGuard and XnSpy is instrumental for parental control and maintaining a good marriage.

If XnSpy and KidsGuard are above your reach, WhatsApp has provided the live sharing location technique. If the individual fails to send their location using a live location sharing platform, you could use sites like IP logger and Grabify. For example, IP logger makes you track the IP address, location, and even the phone a person is using.

Lastly, extracting an IP address from command prompt and checking it with iplocation or iplookup generate more details about your victim.

4 Ways to Track IP Address from Whatsapp - Free PC Tech (2024)
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