All Active Solo Leveling Arise Redeem Codes (June 2024) (2024)

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Several new codes have been added to Solo Leveling: ARISE for June 2024, allowing you to redeem all the active rewards being offered by the game. From basic currency to valuable character materials, you should try to claim everything you can before any codes expire. While you can earn items through in-game activities, these free rewards will give you a good start if you are just starting to play.

Be careful not to redeem rewards until you have set up your account through rerolls in Solo Leveling: ARISE. This strategy often used when starting a new gacha game will help you start your adventure with a strong collection of characters. However, since active codes can only be redeemed once from an account, it's best to wait until you are satisfied with your roster of allies before claiming any items.


How To Farm Gold Fast In Solo Leveling: ARISE

Gold is easy to spend, but hard to come by in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Thankfully, there are a couple sources of gold that players can try to farm.

How To Redeem Free Rewards Through Active Codes

Follow The Right Steps And Select Various Icons

All Active Solo Leveling Arise Redeem Codes (June 2024) (2)

When you start the game, look for the Settings icon on the home menu, which can usually be easy to spot as the gear symbol on one of the corners of your screen. Pulling up the Settings menu will present several options to you, but you have to find the "Account Settings" tab first. Navigating to this section of Solo Leveling: ARISE's many menus will eventually lead you to the "Redeem Code" prompt.

Click on the "Redeem Code" button to pull up a text box where you can input an active code phrase without any errors to start claiming free rewards. Should any number or letter be out of place when you input a code, you will not be able to receive any items for your efforts. In addition, if you have already used some of the active codes available in May 2024, you may be limited to redeeming only the newest rewards being offered.

Capitalization issues and redemption limits are the two most common causes of a code not working, so make sure you double-check each one you try to redeem to make sure it is either input correctly or hasn't been used before.

When you have the right code inputted into the text box, simply press the "Confirm" button to claim your rewards. The items given to you will be received through the in-game mail system seen in Solo Leveling: ARISE, where other gifts may be given by the developers of the game. Some codes may not activate since they only work in specific regions or have already expired over time as you try and use them.

Every Active Code For June 2024

Claim Each One Before They Expire

All Active Solo Leveling Arise Redeem Codes (June 2024) (3)

Currently, seven available active codes haven't expired yet, each with either one or multiple rewards for you to claim. While some items can help you strengthen the coolest characters in Solo Leveling: ARISE on your team, other rewards are just the basic currency. Thankfully, every reward being offered through codes has a unique value that applies to various elements of the game.

Active Code



100,000 Gold


300 Essence Stones


200,000 Gold


50,000 Gold, 250 Essence Stones


20 Artifact Enhancement Chip I, 20 Weapon Enhancement Gear I


50,000 Gold, 10 Weapon Enhancement Gear I


25,000 Gold, 1 Gate Key

While Gold is primarily used to purchase new items to improve the gear of the characters on your roster, the other items received through these codes serve vastly different purposes. For example, Essence Stones are a premium currency used to buy Gate and Encore Mission Keys. Sometimes, these Stones may also be used to buy Draw Tickets, which can summon new Hunters or weapons for your favorite characters.

Special items like Gate Keys should always be redeemed first through codes since they are extremely rare items that act as currency to enter dungeons through the Gates system in the game.

Artifact Enhancement Chips and Weapon Enhancement Gears allow you to improve your pre-existing gear before your team enters another dungeon. Managing to get materials for improving items through active codes will make it far easier to get stronger. This way, it will be easier to face greater challenges rather than tediously farming low-level dungeons for the items you may need as you level up fast in Solo Leveling: ARISE.

Where To Find Other Codes & Additional In-Game Resources

Follow Social Media Sites And Play The Game

Many of the codes offered for June 2024 come from the social media sites of the game, including the official Discord server and accounts on Facebook and X for the game. While it may take some time to find available codes among the other content presented by the developers, you should eventually be able to find a few free rewards here and there with enough searching.

As you can see in the above video by YouTube creator ACGamer, there are more sources beyond active codes to get the most important resources in Solo Leveling: ARISE. Essence Stones in particular can be earned by completing specific tasks within the game. Tackling the many small objectives and challenges offered daily or within the progression of your character's levels can help you earn numerous materials.

You can also check out the Bonds multiple characters share, which also have a Level you can progress to earn a variety of items. The advancements shown for groups of different Hunters could be an easy way to earn not just Essence Stones, but also gear improvement items and basic Gold. For example, you can quickly obtain around 100-150 Essence Stones for advancing through only 10 Levels of a specific Bond.

As you grow stronger, you will be able to defeat monsters consistently with the improved gear bought through money gained from active codes. Pay attention to when new codes drop, as there are usually two to three new phrases that appear on the game's social media sites every month. For June 2024, all the active codes being offered in Solo Leveling: ARISE share a similar purpose you need to take advantage of when you can.

Source: ACGamer/YouTube

All Active Solo Leveling Arise Redeem Codes (June 2024) (4)
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May 8, 2024


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All Active Solo Leveling Arise Redeem Codes (June 2024) (2024)
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