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i could have been the next president overtake, keep losing that people out here. the, this is like a reading wall, and i mean, this is a declaration of war. a spiral of it's highly ation as well called zoom. things are as follows, wrong. we trend of time so each time wrong inducted as revenge put, disney is very s like when it comes to syria. for ron did not respond. it would increase the possibility of both because it would make israel more aggressive. life is escalation was an enroll online as well, brings com to go those locals experience the most peaceful, most useful will be gone all the off the year. this is the 1st and only call night and cause the in the past 7 months. there were no aircraft or drones. the

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carry, the ukraine declared his input of us sub fold. i'm t terrorist operation to run and create local pro bush of munitions and then somebody will pose a us back to in case we can debate the consequences. the problem is get the it's i've had something today relates as global news on but i'm good. hold on me, i'm, this is all the concerns about them. even data was rushed to in the middle east as, as well contemplates retaliation for it wrong. the 1st ever direct attack on the country is, as president says, it is quote,

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considering options as we were attacked last night from the fall corners of the middle east with proxies shooting at the us firing missiles and ballistic me sizes, drones, and the and cruise and this is, this is like a reading wall and it's, i mean this is a declaration of whether or not, not because we are a strain and we cause we know there if the questions and because we have deliberations without thoughts, as we are considering all options and i'm quite confident that we wouldn't take the necessary steps that are necessary to protect and defend on people to i would say of cross that the last thing that is around is seeking in this region. since its creation is to go to war, we are seeking peace. we are p sick or as is suggesting couldn't sink these through violets. iran maintains as attack was a justifiable, the slow so that these are the asked like on

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a conflict in syria. the jewish representative in it wrong, paul, them is a if i have on failed to retaliate by the united, she would have only in bold and israel's aggression. the human side here in recent months, the zine is raising directly attacked in dress overall space inside of ron and outside it by assassinating a radian ministry officials, all important people, they wanted to send a message to around the round does not have the power and capability of responding to, fortunately, the ion g c has showed that it has the ability to respond around defending against national interest an attack on the rating and conflicts on any soil as an attack on a rainy. and so, and of course iran was allowed to respond, in my opinion, if a wrong did not respond to it would increase the possibility of more because it would make israel more aggressive. and many jews in the world are against these rating crimes, unoccupied palestine. don't any and ron, but in european and american countries, even in asian countries,

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many jews oppose the brutal aggression of the scientist regime. we are rainy and we live in the islamic republic overall and follow the laws of the islamic republic all around. maybe some jews and run have relatives, it is ro, but this doesn't mean we should be a gaze, the rating government of shortly what the government dorothy islamic republic decides, has the backing of the jewish community in around 12. it will be released bureau, it seems more if the notion of a sentence of this report. the latest updates from jerusalem of the ideas presented . updated numbers on the run and attack claim a nearly 350 rockets, a nice house of different types, including ballistic ones, were fired as israel on sunday. the honest folks 1st and last night said the attack carried 60 tons of explosives. israel praised operation with its allies, including the u. s. a forest, u. k. jordan friends in shooting down

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a ron's ariel garages for that purpose. these were reportedly took out port of 1300000000 worth of and just have to miss house and other materials. we hear that the us central command forces supported by us. european command destroyer is successfully engaged and destroyed more than a to drones. and at least 6 ballistics me solves intended to strike israel from iran and yemen. israel vows to react to the attack. but the skirt and the timing of police from tele agent is still unknown. what's complicates dissertation for israel here, lack of support from washington. really, prime minister had a phone conversation with the american presidential the off to be ready to attack it. last of the wrong 25 minutes on reports say that's bite and told me to react with that the us will not to participate in any counter strike against the wrong with the suggestion that further is really response was unnecessary. and i have to say that prime minister's office is not confirmed as reports,

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but the fact is that despite promises the attack has not happened yet. meanwhile, we hear that the idea has already presented to the range of options for responding to the rent in attack, including those that do not involve strikes on the run in territory. so we have to wait and see what was what the decision by these really authorities will be for a ron. it was crystal clear, the attack on it's kind of solid in damascus, syria that's killed several top are right in general's earlier this month was the same thing as an attack on there so sundays, retaliation to her and called it's the operation honest promise was an act of self defense for iran that brought optical $51.00 of the young child to, to prove the legitimacy of his military actions against age ro, adding and stressing that they only target to military infrastructure of age as well, and not civilian objects. and do not see any escalation or ron has exclusively taken

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necessary punitive measures against the occupation regime by attacking the regimes air intelligence in military bases and avoiding attacks on critical infrastructure facilities and currently has no plans to carry out new military actions. if the zionist regime wants to continue its evil actions against iran, by any means, and at any level, you will receive a response that is at least 10 times greater reports suggests that that's the focus has shifted from the moving rough or alteration to iran. and the dates of the offensive and densely populated gases south has been moved. but these reports were denied by prime minister's office, especially the last couple of days and nights for the quietest of guys and is leaving on days rarely bombardment for more than 6 months. now this is what they have to say. a lot of this is the 1st and only call night and cause in the past 7 months. there were no aircraft or drones. we slept well, but we wanted the attack on israel to be even harsher out of the wrench and the

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response should have happened a long time ago. it was good for them to retaliate. the must keep them that's i can use real to mitigate the pressure is really, is putting on us israel has violated all international norms limits of olga. an interesting that's the idea for leads. the statesman saying that to reserve, as brigades will be drafted in the coming days, not clear for which purpose or where. but alice say it might be in preparations for rough uh, offensive for i'm going to send into the apple repeatedly files to say drunk, but we're up to one a point $5000000.00 guys and the shelves are now in dire conditions, including those internally displaced from the north wilton play despite global disapproval and concerns and unclear how iran can change these plans. or if washington says is wells into assumption of the drugs item is also is a great success. however. well, everyone says that opinion for things,

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stan this morning, is just an incredible military judgement by israel. and quite frankly, united states and other partners that help this will defend itself against more than 300 drones and missiles manage just an extraordinary example of military superiority that is real demonstrated to the whole world last night. and i think as we also have demonstrated that it has front, that it's not standing alone, that is not isolated on the world stage. the 1st thing that was very interesting is that the rad disclose the fact that the drones were being fired long before they ever hit israel. this immediately showed that their intention was to make or show force, but to do as little damage as possible. so you have these slow moving drones and they're going for hours across the ground. uh, it was a, it was

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a turkey shoot. i mean, i'd have loved to have been taught the one of the pilots up there is like a big video game is your big, big bed. you know, you're knocking them out of the sky. there was a game, and the, the rainy is new. they don't be shot down, they had anticipated that, and that is what they wanted to have happen. they wanted to the, the drones and the missiles to be knocked out before they could do any damage. if you go back a little bit, you realize that when, when the baby netanyahu ordered the attacks on the iranian embassy in damascus, he was trying to do the most out radius thing that he could think of in order to provoke an emotional response from the uranium leadership and that in turn, word would cause them to do something and then somehow i get the united states drawn into the war, the drone, the retaliation by it ran,

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was designed to satisfy some of the hard liners unit ram. at the same time, they didn't want to add to tagging eyes. anyone else they didn't want the united states to be antagonized. so they said clear signals, diplomatic way that this was simply being done for domestic consumption within iraq . started back from the break virus. the message on the us secondary general is equal on countries in the middle east to avoid saucy, and a little big old war. so here in the un security council is ro envoy compared to ron and to the non c said, right? and that's not the 1st time he is use this kind of analogy the stomach regime of 2 days, no different than the 3rd drive in the coming days, no different than other fits or the un is considering to force the establishment of

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a palestinian terrorist state. this won't be a regular states, it will be a palace. the nazi state, it is, the law abiding democracy is run against modern day, not sees as well. so i route so right. so then what would the us, i'm the alice in large of magazine, elijah, good to see it. thanks for joining us here today on audrey now we've just heard the, the, israel's envoy to the us. right. you know, around, you know, the would not see to this guy who's confused. i'm the so he's, i mean, to wouldn't stand kind of israel used rhetoric about the holocaust, the justifies of the tax on this. and then these, today, to thank you for having me the page right. it has be use the heart of costs to justify all the atrocity against it for the stadium. population in the west bank

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and gaza is right claim to be a democratic nation. and the democratic nation, indiscriminately kidding, but his damian civilians and all the civilians without distinguishing between the institution that belonged to the united nation, to the e. u. the civilian institutions, the infrastructure, the demon, downloading the stain and exactly the same as the use during the nazi against the you and the heart of the cost is even less because the is really, is today said that the that they cutting water electricity fuel everything on that, but his team is describing them as a more, again, it is the coffee base of what hit that and who's system use again to jo during the 2nd was who eliza forgive? eliza forgive into into for interrupting you. my question though sir,

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is that every time somebody says something against israel or against the is reading government would not seize right now. i mean, it's like, i mean, it's all the time and diluted this. what i mean, why does it use this? what with iran attacks is, well, we'll get into that in a 2nd, but why are they not issues with doing it? it's a sort of intimidation to tell the was that we are again persecuted by our enemies. exactly like the nazi persecuted to do. so it is just to bring the image in the head of the people. look, we office a few to again, after more than 75 years. and then we are subject to and not see like the game and death behavior and a d r d that won't do anything they, us,

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when they all the one who the main thing, the other. and they all the one using this done. it's a way to body countries and people, and they go, they even call the united nation as this emetic. and they stated that the united nation and they don't want to leave. so all district, sorry, a becoming a demo. they is already the why there is in the awareness around the world to understand the narrative of these reviews. that doesn't work any more. people have to increase the understanding of what's happening in the middle east. the behavior of these really what, what they used to intimidate others and he's not working anymore because of the fact of these really that even watch that did not see again fit for the students. yeah, interesting, very well. interesting. have a use was eliza unless i'd like you to listen to fonts has present macro on reactive thing to the attack. let's just uh, take a look at this together for bipolar. we should not respond by escalating,

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but rather isolated iran succeed in convincing the countries of the region that iran is a danger increase sanctions increase pressure on nuclear activities and then find the path of peace in the region. so the good news, it's always interesting about his proposal. why didn't he, what, why the west superpower suggest a similar response to israel. that the attack on the rating, calling for the in serial was always like, focusing on whatever is, well, does. we have to back them, but if they, you know, if they are, do acts of terrorism, you know, we turn a blind. i was to say, paul chrissy eliza on the stand that ends in policy is widely used by the west. i was not look at what president my home is saying, because he's no longer having a place and then to not to communicate doesn't represent any weight really. now

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when the american president jo biden's, go to prime minister then you mean nathan, jo ann austin, just stopped behaving like randall all the other. the announcement coming from the british, all the french, all the germans have no way. they just seemed in the same way as the americans because they couldn't. so the is read as part of the west and plus, well, i really don't disagree with that is your is indeed part of the west and clever with that. definitely stand there with that. he receives with everything that is allowed to be, he's really as the wife, but there's not the others even if others are not behaving. perhaps today, even though that we you k for administer. david keller on saying that it's a while needs to be punished and the presenter said, well, what about if our embassy, the u. k. embassy is boss. what would you do?

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so we didn't know what to answer. so again, we go back to the memo that reg status and receive as a for, and secretary in 2018, telling him that everything the americans and the allies do is a lot. but we use you menu, jerry and accusation, and a violation of human rights only against our enemies, like russia, china, iran, and north korea. this is it clear, the stand is that the west i'd be using, but the game is no longer secret because the population today have increased the understanding can bearings. this is sion of the west and the new grace as the position of the west in the war, in an israel and no but the among the west. and countries, at the exception of norway have condemned the is really violations of optic and

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$51.00 of the and shot the when it has bomb and destroyed the rating. and consulate breaking the immunity of the diplomatic position at the diplomatic visiting the why . but when he, while we thought of us and had the right to defend it, it says then the whole western countries of gathering just seeing how they can finally see rainy. and why did i tell you what the cell is? we organize, it said without the rest. yeah, the thing interesting and the side of the lives a very good tokens, the by the way, very interesting indeed. we run out of time. pleasure to have you on the show in the bag. now vision war to and the science as well as i feel like they put a range of have paul co c and double styles. that's how it rushes. i'm boss of the, to the un labeled with the approach to west and members of the security council to

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the escalation between as well. um iran saying they couldn't den calls actions, but wrote my silence on the consulate. psych sweeping across those lines are still lit by doing, you know, you know very well and, and that's how can i diplomatic mission, is it costs us by lie updates, national lo and if west emissions. well under attack, you would not hesitate to reach savvy. i can prove your case in this old, because for you everything that concerns weston represented, staves, and western citizens is sacred and must be protected. but when it comes to other states that rights, including the rights self defense is a different thing, as you like to say. today and the security council, there's such a parade of hypocrisy and double standards, which is somehow even uncomfortable to watch. what happened during the night of april, the 14th did not happen in a vacuum. the wrong steps were response to the shameful inaction of the un security council. a response to is rose blake, the attack on damascus,

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which was fall from the 1st one that was there, a has been continually bombed by israel. many of you today have not had to carry through directly points out that the current escalation in the middle east is unfolding against the backdrop of this radio operation. a garza, i'm the westbank, which has been going on for more than 6 months, unprecedented in terms of casualties. the good to me is that these are actually on the west side. it is what they are me similar as of that of that, it is avenue insecurity. castle, as they will quit to the pool that ally is what i'm condemned it, ron fridge, retaliation. this was a dangerous and unnecessary escalation, which i have condemned in the strongest terms. i condemn in the strongest terms of the unprecedented attack, launched by a ran against israel, which threatens to the stabilize the region. i strongly condemn the runs blatant and unjustifiable attack on israel and i call on iran, and it's proxies to media. at least these attacks in the collective west right now

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. sounds like parents. so 2 kids fighting in their basem*nt iran in israel and the israel's just sitting there like a little angel minding his own business. while ron is going on, just punishing him square in the face. for absolutely no apparent reason. i'm surprised we haven't heard be provoked a top line again from western leaders. well, actually we did cleaners to live underlined the. i'm elected toned as president of the european bureaucracy called the the quote i'm justifiable, attack on israel this time round. there is a small detail of israel attacking rodney as well by bombing. it's epicene, damascus, syria, but hey, minor detail when you have an agenda title, right? remember cleaners slow is just the gate at the very onset of this month left last october with an unmitigated captive nose for israel to res gazda. basically, under the pretext of ill nailing a few of its members in the process that was until a bunch of new staffers revolted, or rather were revolted by the actions of this go home down of humanitarian activism. leslie justin,

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to know the canadian prime minister was also in on the group chat and got the message loud and clear. canada unequivocally condemns around. airborne attacks against israel, uranian regina's latest actions will further the stabilize the region and make lasting peace more difficult. these attacks demonstrate yet again, the rainy and regimes disregard for peace and stability in the region. now, turbo and his western leader pals blue past every opportunity to secure some kind of de escalation ahead of all this by sitting back with offering just minor corrections and critiques of israel as netanyahu. not bombs, so such out standing precision and targeting mazda a bunch of western, a worker's reading, starving palestinians were recently killed. some countries, though, didn't find that balance too much of a trouble to achieve. we are seriously concerned to the escalation of hostilities between israel and iran, which threatens

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a peace and security in the region. we call for immediate the escalation exercise of restraint. stepping back from violence and return to the path of diplomacy. we call on all the involve sides to restraint. we count on the countries of the region to resolve their problems by political and diplomatic means. china expresses deep concern over the current escalation and calls on relevant parties to exercise calm and restrain to prevent further escalations. china calls on the international community, especially countries with influence to play a constructive role for the peace and stability of the region. western leaders seem to struggle in predicting risk of consequences or blow back. instead, their intervention in the middle east is all one sided. then when israel does something, not without empowerment and impunity against iran or against another neighbor like syria or loving on, they just start lecturing the other country, not to dare respond to it in defense of israel. what is your, what is your message to a wrong? what is your method to around right now? don't the earlier,

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the netherlands and other countries told the wrong loud and clear to refrain from attacking israel. so basically in parenting terms, one kid is reopen, just wind up and punch the other iran in this case. who does the past to just suck it up and take it on the chin. oh, and while the west is engaged in the stellar parenting exercise, there's another kid pulling at his pant leg for attention. gets to the missiles were barely still in the air over the middle, least when one ukrainian media account was standing twitter with repeated message. i remember you crate, there's a risk now though, for ukraine, that'd be us, reduce it to rational legislative scheduled to prioritize israel. that's according to house majority leader, steve the lease, ostensibly over and above the ukranian, a debate or anything else which suits the republicans just fine, who have been trying to ditch the political hot potato of ukraine spending right off the agenda head of november, elections for a while now,

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as president joe biden has tried to link ukrainian a to is really if you think of the guy would have maybe read the room better when the response from russia was radio silence, kind of like a guy who goes to in relationship and tough times and then wonders where you, what, why you just magically disappear the moment key watched, and the tension on command. the full that i, this will, this will take me. the breaking story is right now in the middle estate should to, to our blue cross here on off the international check out our website. uh cheap. don't com. now of a to try man. now russian and defenses had intercepted they were in a mess, heart attack on the occlusal bridges that rose from the mainland to the finance or the whole say that some of the incoming spies, shutting down over the neighbor, has a meeting, as well as the black sea but it's still the shadow miss oliver apparently used in

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the attack. so in that case is a us by 2 in 2 bytes over throw a view plains of previously pro life and government. then bolden to vicious by, so between cubes forces. i'm the local surfaces who oppose the regime change sees seeing of course one of the guys here, how's the details? the people of use the new grade feed, what my don, the all the cooling kids, ment, nationalist, sewage long heading to use the new gradients for the pro russian views for the, for the language for that culture had seize power. the people feared that they would be forced to speak ukrainian to thing, can you create in to pray in ukrainian? a neighbor right. the houston ukraine looked upon these with horror seemed to waste the new time, the very next day off to the 2 when t, as in 2014,

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the new regime cancel status of the russian language. as an official language in the regions where it moves to the population spook, it's the people who have raged in towns and cities across the east. they went to prove test. kids didn't like this. then she came to power by fools. you only fools. they felt that they could be split into submission. the rules of the machine will have a job, but they won't. we will have pensions, but they don't. we will have payments for children, but they do not have a model nickname our children will go to schools and kindergartens, and their children will sit in the basem*nt. so that's how and that's how we're going to win this war. the church would willhide in basem*nts promise,

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then president power should go talking about his own citizens. such an idea. would it be unconscionable for your opinions or americans? but since it was in the russians, they nodded and went to long way to do this. extensive in 2014, they carried out that could be done and began to exterminate physically exterminate every one who was set on the normal development of relations with our country. this is genocide, there is no other way to call it. russians were declared a non digital or nation and the law has passed in our historical territories. with the west blessing kids went into overdrive hundreds of pro russian accidents. simply disappeared. the russian language, which poles indicates was spoken, but most of the country was banned in government and education and commerce. thousands sky choose monuments to down at the same

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time, you know, it sees close but not see collaborators such as step on bundle held as national heroes. to sue forward for i hate law, became icons and torch lit marches with green lighted mt. if they never intended to negotiate with the east lies in the west. knew this, the fact these means could agreements were a unique, real peace efforts is a ruse to buy time to crush the pro russian east with 5th to 2014 main street grim and towards an attempt to give you credit in time. it also use this time to become stronger as can be seen today. you kind of 2014, 2015 these not the modem they ukraine. zalinski was.

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