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45 minutes minutes


Karly Campbell

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This Amish egg noodles recipe is one of the most requested side dishes from my kids! They just love these easy buttered noodles.

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I don’t want to be presumptuous or anything, but these Amish Egg Noodles are your new favorite side dish.

Just wait. You’ll see.

My daughter and I are both total pasta lovers, so when I’m asking what to make for dinner she always pipes up with “blanket noodles.” I know, blanket noodles sound weird, but she just calls them that because the shape of the egg noodles I buy are long and wide, like blankets. Ha! That girl cracks me up.

Anyway, you can use any dried egg noodles for this, but I really love the larger shapes for this easy side dish.

How to cook egg noodles:

The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (2)

This recipe is one of those hands off, set it and forget it recipes that is super forgiving. You basically bring some chicken stock and a bouillon cube to a boil, dump in some noodles, return to a boil, and then turn off the heat, cover the noodles, and walk away.

Thirty minutes later you have the most perfectly satisfying comfort food… True story.

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Well, I did skip one important step…butter!

After the noodles are cooked through, you drop in a half stick of butter (or more! I won’t judge!) and then stir in a little parsley, salt, and pepper.

We really like the simplicity of this dish. These noodles just have a nice, mellow, buttery vibe going on. Love them so much!
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Can Amish egg noodles be reheated?

Yes, and they still taste great! You can microwave them until warm stirring every minute.

You might want to add a little extra butter if they appear to look a little dry. More butter never hurt! 😉

Looking for something to serve with this egg noodle recipe?

These go great alongside my crock pot pork chops , baked drumsticks, and with steak bites. Yes we eat egg noodles often and with everything. I bet you’ll start too! 😉

Some of other sides that seem to be on repeat in my house are these oven roasted potatoes with bacon,the creamiest macaroni and cheese you’ll ever eat, and these green beans with bacon and onions.

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Amish Egg Noodles

These noodles will serve 6 as a side dish, but you could easily add some cooked, shredded chicken and a little Parmesan to turn this into a main dish.

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Prep5 minutes minutes

Cook40 minutes minutes

Total45 minutes minutes

Serves 6 servings


  • 6 tablespoons butter, divided
  • 28 ounces chicken broth
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube
  • 12 ounces extra wide egg noodles
  • 1 teaspoon parsley flakes
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • In a large pan, brown two tablespoons of butter over medium heat.

  • Pour the chicken stock and bouillon cube into the pan and bring to a boil.

  • Add the egg noodles to the chicken stock and return to a boil. Cover the pot and remove from the heat.

  • Let the noodles set for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or so.

  • Test the noodles for doneness. If they are not cooked through, turn the heat back on and cook for 1-2 minutes until noodles are tender.

  • Top with the remaining 4 tablespoons of butter, parsley, and salt and pepper to taste.

  • Serve immediately or leave in the pan, covered, until ready to serve. These will stay warm for 20 more minutes or so with no problems.

Tips & Notes:

lightly adapted from

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 328kcal (16%)| Carbohydrates: 41g (14%)| Protein: 9g (18%)| Fat: 14g (22%)| Saturated Fat: 7g (44%)| Cholesterol: 77mg (26%)| Sodium: 758mg (33%)| Potassium: 266mg (8%)| Fiber: 2g (8%)| Sugar: 1g (1%)| Vitamin A: 400IU (8%)| Vitamin C: 10.3mg (12%)| Calcium: 41mg (4%)| Iron: 1.5mg (8%)

Author: Karly Campbell

Course:Main Course


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This recipe was originally published in July 2014. It was updated with new photos in February 2020.

The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (7)

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The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (12)


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  1. Mary says

    An observation, making on a gas vs electric. The gas did not continue cooking as does electric, so the next time on gas I will leave on very low heat for a bit.


  2. April carlson says

    I am grilling steak tonight and i was wondering if any one has tried this recipe using beef stock and beef bouillon cubes?


    • Karly says

      So glad to hear that!


  3. Melissa says

    Very similar to Amish Brown Butter noodles.I like to use the frozen “potpie” noodles. rheames brand. Very good.


  4. MJ says

    The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (14)
    Simple, and delicious. Only added a minute or two at the end, after returning it to a low boil for my perfect doneness. I liked the addition of parsley. Served noodles with lemon chicken. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks Karly.


    • Karly says

      Thank you! 🙂


  5. Janie J says

    I’m really excited to try these! Does all of the liquid absorb? Or is it “saucy”?


    • Karly says

      Hi Janie! Most of the liquid absorbs or evaporates, but there is a bit of a light sauce from the leftover starchy liquid and butter.


  6. Jolene says

    The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (15)
    All three of my little boys ate it!!! It’s a winner! Perfect side for my broccoli chicken… I never knew what to serve with it since it already has cheese and broccoli. I veggie seems redundant and mac and cheese was too much cheese.
    Thanks so much for an easy recipe that the whole family loves!


    • Karly says

      So glad to hear it was a hit!


  7. Midwest says

    The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (16)
    This came out great! Noodles were done and it was a perfect side dish for the tilapia I made. Thanks for the tasty recipe!


    • Karly says

      Glad you enjoyed this one! 🙂


  8. L Lavine says

    this recipe has potential to be great…however the noodles are not nearly done after 3o minutes. I had to cook the noodles on low for about 15 additional minutes, which made some of the noodles fall apart. A little tweaking is necessary.


    • Karly says

      Hi there! I’m sorry you had issues with this one. We make these all the time (like, more often than I should admit, haha) and we’ve never had any issue with the noodles not being done. Are you sure your lid was on nice and tight? I’m not sure what else would have been the issue.


      • Randy Bourne says

        How long to cook the noodles depends on the noodles. The wide noodles I pick up at the store behave just as the recipe suggests. However, I have a friend who makes his own noodles, and they are delicious. They are significantly thicker that the store-bought variety, and he dries them, so I just let them sit longer in the pot and, if necessary, cook then another 10 minutes or so adding liquid so noodles can scorch. As you note, they will hold 20 minutes in the pot after cooking, so that gives me the time to catch up, as it were. Great recipe! Thanks.

    • Rita says

      The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (17)
      I also added a few extra minutes and a little water, i think i am at a different altiltude, spelled it wrong but I hope u understand . This was perfect. Thank u for sharing, I am adding this recipe to my list


      • Karly Campbell says

        So glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  9. Noah John says

    Thanks Karle for the recipe. Homemade egg noodles are the best. My mom rolls hers into sheets, let’s them dry, and then loosely folds/ rolls them and cuts them into strips. It’s easy to get nice skinny noodles that way.


  10. Jill says

    The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (18)


  11. Susan Hoefer says

    These recipes and your crockpot ebook aren’t low carbs! I’m doing keto! Sorry!


    • Karly says

      Hi Susan! No, most of the recipes here aren’t low carb. I do have another blog,, that is completely low carb recipes. 🙂


    • Alplily says

      The Easiest Amish Egg Noodles Recipe — Buns In My Oven (19)
      You really cannot expect every recipe on earth to cater to every weird diet or food restriction. Sheesh.


  12. JANE says

    I am making these tonight for my Mom who is under Hospice care. Hoping they will bring her comfort. Can I ask where you get your blanket noodles? I love pasta and have never seen them. Thanks.


    • Karly says

      Hi Jane! I get them from Hy-Vee or Walmart. They come in a twist tie topped bag and look a little more homemade than something like Creamette or major brands. The brand I use is Essenhaus but there are lots of similar brands. Hope your mama enjoys. 🙂


  13. deborah munari says

    can u use frozen egg noodles in this recipe …


    • Karly says

      I’ve never tried it with frozen.


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