Warframe Drifter's Camp Location (2024)

1. Drifter camp | Fandom - WARFRAME Wiki

  • 11 jan 2022 · Go to navigation, on earth it's located next to Cetus. 4. Andrewlee1982's avatar · Andrewlee1982· 1/11/2022. I love the drifter camp, but I'm ...

  • Hey guys. I know this is probably a dumb…

2. How to get Kahl's Garrison assignments in Warframe

  • 25 sep 2022 · Another NPC at the Drifter's Camp you'll encounter is Chipper, a merchant offering various rewards you can purchase with Stock in Warframe ...

  • His missions rotate on a weekly basis.

3. Kahl's Garrison - WARFRAME Wiki - Fandom

4. How To Level Kahl's Garrison – Warframe - TheGamer

  • 27 nov 2022 · Kahl's Weekly Missions ... Each week, players can visit Kahl at Drifter's Camp to complete a weekly mission, granting Stock and Garrison ranks ...

  • Learn how to level Kahl's Garrison, earn Stock, and purchase Archon Mods with this in-depth guide.

5. Tag: drifter camp - Orokin Archives

  • Tag: drifter camp · 1 Comment on Jarka DialogueTagsdialogue, drifter camp, grineer, jarka, kahl's garrison, lore, orokin archives, plains of eidolon, warframe · 2 ...

6. PSN Update 36: Jade Shadows - Warframe

  • 18 jun 2024 · ... where your Warframe would seemingly “trip” all over the place ... Fixed the waterfall VFX in the Drifter Camp changing position when viewed from ...

  • Join the Tenno and defend an ever-expanding universe. Wield your Warframe's tactical abilities, craft a loadout of devastating weaponry and define your playstyle to become an unstoppable force in this genre-defining looter-shooter. Your Warframe is waiting, Tenno.

7. How to rank up with Kahl's Garrison in Warframe - Dot Esports

  • 22 sep 2022 · Every week you can return to Kahl at the Drifter's Camp to accept one of his weekly missions, each one will have six side objectives that will ...

  • It will take some time.

8. Warframe: A Complete Guide To The New War Quest - TheGamer

  • 19 dec 2021 · The Drifter's Camp. Warframe New War Drifter's Camp. It seems that the ... Switch to your Operator or Drifter to enter the city. The ...

  • Conquer the New War and learn the consequences of every choice with this in-depth quest guide.

9. The New War - Orokin Archives

  • 3 jan 2022 · The Condor dropship is now parked at the Drifter's Camp where the ... The Tenno is waypointed to their Arsenal, where their warframe will be ...

  • The Sentient armada has emerged from the Veil Proxima in shocking numbers.

Warframe Drifter's Camp Location (2024)


Warframe Drifter's Camp Location? ›

After the The New War quest, the player can be changed to play as either the Operator or the Drifter via a toggle button on the top right corner when accessing the Operator menu.

Where can I find the drifter in Warframe? ›

After the The New War quest, the player can be changed to play as either the Operator or the Drifter via a toggle button on the top right corner when accessing the Operator menu.

How do you change to the drifter camp in Warframe? ›

As others mentioned go to the star chart ,look at earth , there will be 'orbiter' node , You can switch back and forth between the orbiter and camp (on earth map) , I personally like the camp , it feels less claustrophobic .

How did the drifter come to be in Warframe? ›

This individual escaped into the Void on their own initiative, rather than being rescued and taken into the Origin System as the Tenno were. Within the Void they established a realm, 'Duviri', in which to live. This individual, the DRIFTER, has now entered the Origin System.

How do I get to the new war quest in Warframe? ›

The player must have completed Prelude to War. They must also own a Railjack and a Necramech, either from completing Rising Tide and Necraloid Syndicate after Heart of Deimos respectively or purchased with Platinum. Despite these requirements, the player is not expected to sufficiently mod their loadout for this quest.

Where do you find the orbiter in Warframe? ›

The actual Orbiter spacecraft consists of the bottom part of the player's ship, beneath the ramp leading out of the Landing Craft area.

How do I get to Europa Warframe? ›

Europa becomes accessible by defeating the Specter in the Europa Junction on Jupiter after completing the required tasks.

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